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Sportek Now Sells User-Installable Flooring

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Track Detail - Is your track looking a little dingy before the next regional meet?  Call us to

Sportek Surfaces engineers and paints 200, 300 and 400 meter tracks, including Mondo banked and hydraulic tracks, and all types of playing fields including basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and badminton courts. We will install and stripe, stripe only, or re-stripe any track or synthetic game court.

We now offer "Rapid Response Re-Stripe" services throughout the US and Canada for all indoor and outdoor tracks. Call or email for quick mobilization time frames within your time zone anywhere in the US or Canada.

Prototype Striping Machine - Do other athletic directors make excuses not to compete with you on your track because it's dirty and smelly?  Use

In conjunction with "Rapid Response Re-Stripe" services, we are pleased to offer "Rapid Response Clean" for both indoor and outdoor tracks. Proper cleaning & regular maintenance of the track surface will extend the life of the track, and along with replacing worn track material and repairing seams, will protect this important investment for your facility. A proper maintenance regimen will maintain your track's appearance and help prolong its life expectancy. There are very specific recommended protocols for indoor and outdoor track surfaces, and your maintenance regimen will depend on traffic, number of events, and regular vacuuming to minimize dirt build-up. It is essential to prepare your track by cleaning prior to re-striping to allow optimal adhesion of the paint to the track surface.

Our in-house professionals have proper indoor and outdoor track maintenance experience to perform this elaborate work. Washing and renewing your track by re-striping will give it a whole new look, and ready it for your next track meet!

Our company's specialized personnel are highly experienced in track layout and striping in strict adherence to IAAF and NCAA regulations. We are able to custom engineer any specialty event according to the coaches and athletic directors' specifications.

During the painting process…… you can be assured that it will last!

New York Armory - Is the President of your University embarrassed to go to your track meet because the color of your track is brown and yellow but your school colors are red and white?


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